jaun elia 2 line shayari in urdu 2020

jaun elia 2 line shayari in urdu

jaun elia 2 line shayari in urdu  اب کوئی مجھ کو دلائے نہ محبت کا یقین جو مجھے بھول نہ سکتے تھے وہی بھول گئے ۔ تو میراحوصلہ تو دیکھ ، داد تو دے کہ اب مجھے شوق کمال بھی نہیں ، خوف زوال بھی نہیں ۔  یہ مجھے چین کیوں نہیں پڑتا ایک ہی … Read more

Pashto Poetry – Pashto Sad Poetry Sms Love 2 Line


Pashto Poetry In This post you can read pashto poetry which original name is ” paskhto sherona” . pashto poetry speak the pakhtoon people . the largest area of speaking pashto poetry is kpk . kpk is the largest province of pashto language speaking. Ma Way Nan Ba Haal Darta Da Zrra Waayam, Ta Che … Read more

Pashto poetry sms best pashto poetry sad pakhto shairona

PASHTO sad poetry sms

Pashto poetry & Pakhto shairo There are different sorts of stanza which we get from history and which are extremely standard today too. In the abstain types we can locate that insightful stanza is the most standard one. Insightful expert has surprising inclination all through the past correspondingly as today when stood apart from other … Read more