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Bin Tumhare be Ab Hum se Jiya Nahi Jata | best urdu romantic poetry |romantic quotes in urdu

There are numerous sorts of verse which we get from history and which are extremely mainstream today too. In the verse types we can locate that sentimental verse is the most mainstream one. Sentimental artist has extraordinary inclination all through the past just as today when contrasted with other verse types. Other verse types incorporate tragic verse and love verse. Verse is the best approach to express suppositions so verse types are likewise as much as the sentiments of individuals. Love is the everlasting inclination that can never blur away and it is one of the most grounded human suppositions. Urdu Poetry which is profoundly inundated in adoration is valued by the individuals who themselves have compelling feelings of affection. In the event that you are in temperament to peruse verse on adoration, at that point you can peruse the verse by well known writers like Mirza Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and Mir Dard. They are the acclaimed Urdu Poets of the past which are prominent today also. In past, artists used to compose verse on social issues, for example, neediness and bondage. In addition, other than social issue they have been composing on social issues too.

Verse journalists are typically touchy on the grounds that they watch the least complex and fragile things of the general public. That is the reason artists are delicate and enthusiastic. We incline toward the exceptional verse which isn’t normal and which revive us in the wake of perusing. Pitiful verse is additionally one of the verse types like sentimental verse and love verse. Now and again we feel pitiful and wish to peruse some dismal verse to fulfill our feelings so you can get to dukhi shayari here. Mirza Ghalib, Ahmad Faraz and Mir Taqi Mir are acclaimed for composing tragic verse and sentimental verse. Mirza Ghalib is extraordinary compared to other artist of his period, who his given his life for verse as has given us verse in practically all kinds. With the progression of opportunity positive changes came in Urdu language and Urdu language. Verse is likewise considered as the quintessence of the writing in a language. Numerous classes likewise created in verse with the advancement of the Urdu. We can discover Qawali, Manqabat, and Rubai in the class of Urdu Poetry and furthermore we can see that a great deal of work has done on them. Presently individuals want to peruse verse as well as they want to go to the social events which are sorted out for listening verse. In such social occasions we can discover a wide range of verse, for example, sentimental verse, love verse and pitiful verse. Urdu has a tremendous assortment of verse and on the off chance that you need you should visit Urdu to get best Urdu Shayari.

In the present occasions the pattern has changed a piece however this isn’t new on the grounds that with the progressive difference in time, slants likewise changes. Presently a day people favor 2 line shayari rather than extensive ghazals and nazams. It is on the grounds that this is the period of online life and individuals every now and again utilize internet based life destinations. For facebook or whatsapp individuals request two line Urdu shayari. In a manner it is great too in light of the fact that it spares a ton of time of individuals as they get a similar message of ghazals or nazams in two lines verse which spare their time too. Urdu has two line Urdu verse for the clients.

Tum main maloom hain kah tum wo dua hoon

kah jis ko umar bhar mangna kain mujh ko 

Gustakh ye nigahain ab saza ki muntazar hian 

Zulm kijie ye akhri zalim ada ki muntazar hain 

Kash thum samjh jawo Mare muhabat ki entaha ko 

Haran rah jawoon gi tum apni khush kismat per

muhabat hain , ulpath hain , anayat hain ya ulpath hain 

Nazar main hab se aye hoon kuch nazar hi nahi ata hain 

Hamain naaza hain khud par 

kh sirp tim ko chahaa hain hum na

Yo shararat bhari nazro se na daiko hum ko 

ishaq shokhi per utar aya hian  !!! kaha jawo

Dushmani samnay anay say bhi dar thay thain

aur thu pigal dil say kail kar chuki gai 

Tujhay roz daiko qareeb sai 

Maray shoq hain ajeeb saiy 

Suno mujh sai nahi hitha dalilay do misalay do 

mere ankhwo main likha hian ka tum sai muhabat hian 

Haran na karyo mere yad karnay per 

taluq jin say dil ka ho wo har pal yad atay hain

Tho mujh ishaq ka asolo na samjna mumkin hian 

kah sa diwana phir kabhi nahi milay ga

Dil dkhaia karo ijazat hain 

               Bhol jani ki bath math karna 

Agar tum waja na pocho thu ek bath kaho 

       bin tere ab hum  se bhi jia nai jata

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